Digital Copying
Digital Copying
Standard Legal Document Duplication Service Package
Litigation duplication services are an essential part from any legal procedure. Confidentiality is of top priority if you need both speed and confidentiality, professional legal document duplication could be the solution to use.

Legal document duplication is a staple in litigation services. Legal copy service companies help firms along with the document management process by giving them a longer period to really get prepared for their case. In place of having someone photocopy a almost all files, you could start to let litigation copying companies take action for you? They can reproduce a great deal of documents in a short length of time-fast copy.

Legal document duplication includes services from reproduction or litigation copying, to legal scanning, to opposing counsel services. Litigation copying includes the reproduction of both non colored documents and colored documents. Reproduction of large-sized documents is likewise a part of the package (ex: architectural plans).

The reproduction of high volume documents will most definitely require a fraction of one's average time you are going to spend on doing this yourself. Legal copying is included with coding and indexing services which supplies firms the benefit of getting an organized and fully-labeled set of documents ready in order to use and distribution. Some legal duplication companies even supply the conversion of soft copy files to any particular file format as part of electronic discovery.

A good legal scanning system being used today could be the Scan to prepare. This feature allows instant transfer of scanned documents to some remote computer system. Right after the scanned files have already been sent, all duplicate files will be automatically deleted. The Scan to file for system covers large format documents which have been instantly stored in your computer's memory or in a CD (it's your choice).

Legal document reproduction companies can provide printing services for litigation processes. Combined with the check printer are a few key features which include proofreading, spelling and punctuation checks, citation verification, page numbering, sorting, renumbering as required, opposing counsel service, and evidence service to the judge. Opposing counsel services generally includes pick-up and delivery of duplicate files and documents to the court proceedings.

Duplication of litigation files also includes non-paper documents for instance audio and video files, along with x-rays. Audio/video duplication includes the conversion of older file formats to newer ones. For example, from video tape to DVD format, or from cassette tape to audio CD format. You'll be assured of complete confidentiality with audio/video duplication because employees also, the company have signed agreements on privacy under the HIPAA. Ensure that the legal copy company you're subscribing to is HIPAA compliant, meaning they abide by privacy and environmental policies a part of their services.